March 8th, 2016

Great fishing on the Tuck! Freshly stocked... scrambled egg patterns are killing it-- again, pink and white are the way to go. Madison River Fly Shop has great scrambled eggs that work better on the delayed harvest waters than any place I've purchased them; I just haven't found a place online that has the same fly pattern. Red ass and green ass soft hackle working well, so are squirmy worms. Try to get down low, the fish aren't hitting up on top regularly yet...

December 18th, 2016

The Tuck has been fishing very well, with scrambled egg patterns working extremely well (go pink and white). The cold front has affected the trout a tad, as they have been lethargic in the morning. Check your depth-- a BB split shot 1-2 feet off of your fly will get down to where they are, and don't be off-put if you are catching bottom quite frequently, it's going to happen... Squirmy worms and flashy caddis have also been very successful. Browns have been moving upstream for last month or so. Plenty of opportunity to "grand slam" (brook, rainbow and brown) on this river!