March 12, 2017

Checked out Wilson Creek this weekend with great success! Took a group of novices up there and there were PLENTY of fish to be caught! Scrambled eggs working well. Nothing up top just yet, but come April I'll probably start using an elk hair caddis as my indicator. Till then, fishing at the bottom-- put your sinker up about a foot or so from your fly, indicator at about 1.5 times depth of water.



December 18th, 2016

Delayed Harvest Waters have been fishing well, with egg patterns and squirmy worms fishing best, but expect that to change soon as we get into January.  West Pigeon and Elk Creek fishing well with smaller patterns-- think small single eggs. Pink and white scrambled eggs still working well.  Don't shy away from fishing smaller nymph patterns and midges. REMEMBER: when fishing small midges, depth and location is EXTREMELY important; the fish aren't going to move very far for a 22 zebra midge, whereas they'll go further for a squirmy worm or egg... As always, you'll have better luck on 6x tippet, but can get away with 5x. On some afternoons you might have some success with an elk hair caddis or blue wing olive up top, but don't expect the numbers that you will get if you fish down below.